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Are you planning a special organization? Then, Cappadocia Exclusive Travel will be the best choice for you.

We organize special boutique organizations for VIP Groups based on our experience and innovative concept. We bring together unique ideas, high-end venues and local touches to design a special program for each of our client and make it unforgettable.


We believe in the uniqueness of each of us. We consider each client unique and we create something different according to your special requests. We first understand your style and needs correctly, then offer you venue and hotel options, and finally create the outlines of the program upon your opinion. We always try to find the best program you upon your interests and preferences.


We suggest 3 destinations for perfect organizations such as:

1. Istanbul: A real tourist wonderland. We organize any activity you may want such as a special gala dinner, a welcome cocktail, a farewell Turkish night with belly dance, meetings and conferences, exclusive visits to historical sites etc. We always offer a lot of different venue alternatives. Some of them are; 

-Private gardens of top luxury hotels and palaces in Bosphorus 
-Historical cisterns in the Old City 
-Exclusive visits to historical highlights like Hagia Sophia with private guides And many others.

And many others…

2. Cappadocia: If you want to glamour your client with a unique natural wonderland, there is no other place but Cappadocia which will meet your expectations. We can add some activities special to Cappadocia like hot air balloon ride in early morning to watch the sunrise in mystical landscape of the region. Or maybe an outdoor breakfast in the valley to be involved in local life and enjoy amazing valley scenery. 

Whirling dervishes' ceremony is another traditional worshiping dance show of Anatolia identified with Cappadocia. It's the inspiration of Mevlana and a part of Anatolia culture, belief and history. It symbolizes the different meanings of a mystic cycle to perfection, coming from the Earth and return to it.  If you look for a dynamic and innovative program different from all around the world, Cappadocia has everything to force your imagination.


3. Ephesus - Aegean Coast: The region reflects the magnificence of previous civilizations in the history. Whites of marble and greens of the olive trees surround this wonderland and it prepares an amazing background for the venues. For example, Celsus Library was one of the biggest libraries in the Ancient World. This place served many great philosophers and their footprints, you can feel everywhere. In the past, we have organized an event in this library, on those marbles… No decoration we used except white table clothes and candles for touching the past. 

If you love antique and historical atmospheres, in the Aegean coast we can offer many options for you.


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Incentive Meeting Events     Incentive Meeting Events

Incentive Meeting Events     Incentive Meeting Events

Incentive Meeting Events     Incentive Meeting Events

Incentive Meeting Events     Incentive Meeting Events